Coliving Insights releases quarterly publications that explore innovative initiatives throughout the coliving sector. We aim to showcase the world's leading coliving projects and thoughts leaders, in order to help evolve and consolidate the shared living sector.


Branding & Marketing for Authentic Shared Living Communities


Past Coliving Insights editions

Q4 2022

Coliving Ventures: Shared Living in the Cities of Tomorrow

Shared Living in the Cities of Tomorrow was an industry event hosted in Katowice, Poland during the eleventh edition of the UN Habitat’s World Urban Forum (WUF11). This post-event publication is a special edition of Coliving Insights in collaboration with Coliving Ventures that takes us through some of the insights and best practices shared by our industry experts, moderators and panelists.

Q3 2022

Coliving Awards Special Edition 2022

Taking place in Katowice, Poland during the World Urban Forum, Coliving Awards 2022 highlighted best practices in the coliving scene within 15 different verticals. In this special edition, together with Coliving Awards, we shed light onto the winners, finalists and honourable mentions of the 2022 ceremony, as well as present our sponsors, partners and the jury panel of industry experts.

Q4 2021

Coliving Ventures: The Common Agenda for Shared Living

Our venture manager, Coliving Ventures, hosted their first-ever event in Amsterdam in November 2021, called The Common Agenda for Shared Living. We published a special edition of Coliving Insights in collaboration with Coliving Ventures, and this publication provides a recap of the event with additional insights and best practices from the panelists.

Q4 2021

Edition N°8

Branding & Marketing for Authentic Shared Living Communities looks into how branding and marketing strategies reflect wider brand values, mission, vision and identity and how coliving operators use various touchpoints to increase brand recognition and reach. We explore how these stakeholders are helping enhance tenant / brand experience, how they use marketing campaigns to interact and engage with their B2C and B2B communities and how these brands foster long term impact within coliving.

Q3 2021

Edition N°7

Coliving Insights N°7, Spatial Design & Architecture for Coliving, looks into how designers and architects are creating coliving spaces that enhance social interaction, personal and collective wellbeing and environmental sustainability and explores how they are setting the stage for new ways to live, work and play with one another for decades to come.

Q2 2021

Edition N°6

Fostering thriving communities in shared living brings together the most inspiring and innovative examples from coliving operators, experience designers, consultancies, tech platforms, community builders and more on how to best to foster authentic communities in coliving. This edition also dives into all the stakeholders involved in the wider coliving ecosystem, and explores how these B2B networks contributes to the facilitation of thriving communities at B2C level.

Q2 2021

Coliving Awards Special Edition 2021

Coliving Awards x Coliving Insights Special Edition showcases the key innovators, actors, projects and practices that are shaping the future of coliving. The publication introduces winners, partners, jury and other contributors of the 2021 Coliving Awards, wishing to bring you closer to the philosophy and ideas behind this initiative.

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Q1 2021

Edition N°5

Co-Tech: Innovating Coliving with Technology explores the emerging technology trends in the real estate and coliving sectors. This edition taps into digital transformation processes, how to enhance the experiences of the shared living sector and showcases the best-in-class coliving PropTech, ConTech, FinTech and more.

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Q4 2020

Edition N°4

In this publication we provide an overview of the coliving lifecycle, exploring what it takes to create a coliving project from cradle to grave. With 160+ pages of insights from 25+ contributors, we take you through the coliving investment, development, operations and expansion phases to better understand how the coliving sector can thrive.

Q3 2020

Edition N°3

The third edition “Impact and Sustainability in Coliving”, is a 180+ report with 30+ contributors around the topics of social value, public policy and impact measurements, amongst others.

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Q2 2020

Edition N°2

Our second edition "Is Coliving Here To Stay?" explores the health of the coliving sector amidst the coronavirus pandemic and offers insights into an evolving coliving industry.

Q4 2019

Edition N°1

The first edition "Exploring Coliving As An Innovative Housing Solution" analyses 25+ coliving operators on their business structures, offerings, and offers SWOT analysis for each of them.



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