Coliving Insights Edition N°2

Exclusive insights into the state and health of the coliving industry amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, with contributions from key thought leaders and deep dives into industry-exclusive knowledge.

Is Coliving Here To Stay?

In sight of the current coronavirus epidemic and its impact on the real estate industry, Coliving Insights has been working with key thought leaders and organisations to give an insider look into the state of the coliving industry.

With the help of Co-Liv, the leading coliving association, the main Coliving Insights report shares insider statistics, data, and experience on how operators have been handling the crisis. It became clear that coliving is here to stay as an industry - and that the true question will be how coliving is going to evolve in the near future.

Joined by a series of contributors, from award-winning architects such as Matthias Hollwich to leading senior housing developers such as Jorge Fonseca and coliving thought leader Christine McDannell, the second Coliving Insights edition gives additional perspectives on what the future of living will look like.

"Finally someone is able to let the whole market speak. Coliving Insights is what we have been waiting for."



  • Aitana de Jong

  • Andrew McCormack

  • Anna Sundukova

  • Bart Sasim

  • Christian Schmitz

  • Christina Woonings-Apicella

  • Christine McDannell

  • Connor Moore

  • Felix Burghardt

  • Fernanda Antunes

  • Kat Lim

  • Gui Perdrix

  • Jacob Saphiro

  • Jon Dishotsky

  • Jonathan Mills

  • Jorge Fonseca

  • Kristen Zupancic

  • Martin Escalona

  • Matthias Hollwich

  • Matt Lesniak

  • Naima Ritter

  • Paula Bublay

  • Penny Clark

  • Piotr Kalinowski

  • Robert Gravity

  • Sterre Bisschop

  • Valerio Fonseca

  • William Maggio


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