Coliving Insights Edition N°5

Technology solutions are not an end-all response for our societal challenges; but most certainly they are an integral part of our lives, and life as we know in the 21st century would be unthinkable without them. The fifth edition of Coliving Insights - Co-Tech: Innovating Coliving with Technology focuses on the innovative technology solutions that we can find within the real estate sector. It explores how to best integrate technology into your coliving space and how these technologies can innovate and enhance your overall experience, operations, profitability and sustainability.

Co-Tech: Innovating Coliving with Technology

Technology serves to enhance the evolution of the coliving sector. And as you will see in this edition, we are only scratching the surface of what the real estate has to offer in terms of digital transformations.

Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics, smart appliances and property management apps are not just nice, shiny instruments that will legitimise your coliving space further in the eye of both consumers and investors. They are a means to an end. What truly distinguishes coliving from any other real estate asset class is the community experience. And with these tools of modern technology, along with innovative business practices such as design thinking and growth-driven design, coliving is primed to offer a community experience like never before. From the start of the member journey to the end, colivers are in for something totally unprecedented in shared accommodation.

And so, here we are. In this 5th edition of Coliving Insights, you will gain greater awareness into how truly intricate the coliving experience is, and how technology can tap into every dimension to optimise absolutely all aspects of coliving, at every step of the way.

"Technology can undoubtedly accelerate the growth of coliving, increase profitability, enhance community and support all kinds of inspiring and disruptive new shared living concepts. However, it is time to steer the ship in the right direction: the coliving industry needs to acknowledge its responsibility as one of the most innovative segments in residential real estate and become conscious of how its choices can impact society. Coliving now has an opportunity to set standards for modern, human-centric and engaging ways of living."

- Bart Sasim, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Coliving Ventures



  • Aitana de Jong

  • Alec Wang

  • Alexandre Assal

  • Aline Carvalho

  • Andy Caddy

  • Anya Doshi

  • Bart Sasim

  • Carlos de la Lama-Noriega Pfrimmer

  • Christian Schmitz

  • Connor Moore

  • Ed Thomas

  • Fanyu Lin

  • Giles Horwitch-Smith

  • Gui Perdrix

  • Hélène Maria

  • Jelmer Ikink

  • Karolina Sawicka

  • Lauren Dannay

  • Michael Steinman

  • Naima Ritter Figueres

  • Petr Boruta

  • Riccardo Momoli

  • Rick Schols

  • Vann Vogstad

  • Vincent Jouan

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