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Our expertise goes beyond media platform and content creation: Coliving Insights serves as research & development arm, catalyst of initiatives and advisor to leading coliving companies.

Work With Us For Research

The coliving industry is still a new market with many unknowns. What are key insights from developers in construction ratios? How do brands position themselves within the market? What are best practices from a legal point of view in European countries?

Work with Coliving Insights to establish the research that your organization needs to make the right decision.

How can research benefit your organization?

Industry Insights

Tap into an established ecosystem of industry players, from coliving operators to architects and hybrid developers.

Business Intelligence

Let us ask the questions that your competitors would not respond to you. Benefit from working with our brand.


Our in-house research team is composed of coliving industry thought leaders and in-depth industry experts.


Ask yourself the right questions and gather data to find the answers. Let research guide your decisions.

Content Opportunities

Turn your research piece into a content piece that can be published on further Coliving Insights editions and channels.


Tap into other perks of doing research with Coliving Insights, such as visibility as a think-tank partner on our channels.

Work With Us For Advisory

Designing, developing and maintaining high-quality coliving spaces is still a challenge across the industry.

How can you bring your concept to the next level?

Work with the Coliving Insights team to receive the advisory you need in order to make your concept truly stand out in terms of brand and operations.

How can advisory
bring you forward?

In-Depth Expertise

Work with the Coliving Insights founders and partners who are composed of experts, influencers and industry leaders.

High Reach

Increase your reach and visibility through our in-house initiatives, communication channels, and extended network.

Ecosystem Tapping

Tap into the Coliving Insights ecosystem - from warm introductions and mass emailing, we care about your integration.

Avoid Mistakes

Have people who already went through your stages help you ask the right questions to help you save time.


Tap into the broad education resources that our founding partners put together. Bring yourself and your organization up to date.

Long-Term Support

Count on the Coliving Insights team to enter this endeavor for the long-term and treat it as our own business.


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Coliving Insights?

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“Working with Coliving Insights has been the best content partnership we established. It's a pleasure shaping the coliving industry together.”

Connor Moore
Head of Content at Co-Liv