Coliving Insights Edition N°3

Understanding the notion of impact and sustainability in coliving with contributions from 30+ thought leaders and innovators around the topics of social value, public policies, social impact and technological innovation.

Impact & Sustainability in Coliving

The real estate sector is responsible for large numbers of carbon emissions and it is one of the sectors that has the biggest impacts on our planet. That said, as coliving professionals we need to ask ourselves what sustainable and impact-driven coliving products look like.

This Coliving Insights edition brings in over 30 industry experts and researchers with over 180+ pages of insights from around the real estate, sustainability and coliving industries, exploring several topics throughout 5 main chapters: 

• Social Value in Coliving
• Policy & Investments
• Wellbeing & Sustainability 
• Social & Economic Impact
• Technology & Innovation 

Read along to discover how coliving professionals can do their part in providing products and experiences that are inclusive, regenerative and inspiring. 

The quality of our home resonates through the quality of our life. If we can get the physical attributes right, I have no doubt that coliving’s role as a housing model of the future will be set in stone, (or preferably prefabricated cross laminated timber)!

- Richard Lustigman, Head of Coliving at JLL Capital Markets



  • Aitana de Jong

  • Abbi Wolffe

  • Aline Carvalho

  • Amir Baruch

  • Anke Kampschreur

  • Antonin Yuji Maeno

  • Anwyn Hocking

  • Arna Halldórsdóttir

  • Bart Sasim

  • Christian Schmitz

  • Christiana Figueres

  • Diana Moret

  • Edo Sadiković

  • Gui Perdrix

  • Innocent Msangi

  • Jelmer Ikink

  • Julianne Becker

  • Katerina Pliakogianni

  • Kelsea Crawford

  • Marcin Pabijanek

  • Mariya Tsvetkova

  • Martin Sanchez Locreille

  • Matt Lesniak

  • Mohamed Shellimoh

  • Paulina Grabowska

  • Penny Clark

  • Riccardo Momoli

  • Richard Lustigman

  • Sarah Watson

  • Silvia Grattieri

  • Tom Manwell

  • Williams Johnson

  • Zarinah Agnew

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