Coliving Insights Edition N°4

In our previous editions, we have shown that coliving is here to stay and that it can and does have a positive social, economic and environmental impact. After just one year of releasing our first edition, our fourth publication will focus on a wider market overview by doing a deep dive into the different development phases involved in creating successful coliving communities.

Invest, Develop, Operate & Scale

This edition will explore four key phases in the coliving development cycle: Investment, Development, Operations & Scaling.

1) Invest: this chapter will explore best practice approaches to investing in coliving. Institutional investors will share their thoughts on why they are investing in coliving projects, and how to develop a profitable coliving business.

2) Develop: this chapter will showcase the innovative real estate developers that are specialised in developing coliving assets. We will explore why developers are interested in this market and how and why they partner with coliving operators.

3) Operate: as spaces that blend hospitality and alternative residential, coliving assets can sometimes be tricky to manage and operate. This chapter will identify operational best practices for managing a thriving coliving community.

4) Scale: what does it take to scale an already successfully established coliving business? This chapter will gather insights from coliving developers and operators who have scalable business models and are paving the way for the coliving industry to become an established alternative asset class.

"The tipping point is here as institutional capital is poised to return looking at this space with great interest and firepower. Q1 2021 is going to be a big milestone in institutional capital making major commitments in the coliving space."

- Susan Tjarksen, Managing Director of Multifamily Capital Markets at Cushman & Wakefield



  • Aitana de Jong

  • Aleksa Pesic

  • Aline Carvalho

  • Bart Sasim

  • Chris Saunders

  • Christian Schmitz

  • Christopher Bledsoe

  • Claire Flurin

  • Connor Moore

  • Eli Sokol

  • Filipa Meirelles

  • Frédéric Verdavaine

  • Frederik Wiedei

  • Gui Perdrix

  • Ilkka Kaakinen

  • James Teatum

  • Jelmer Ikink

  • Jon Dishotsky

  • Jonathan Andersson

  • Kristin Pater

  • Lily Moodey

  • Linda Chen

  • Marie-Suzanne Locqueneux

  • Martin Hünten

  • Matt Baker

  • Naima Ritter

  • Natalia Schrey

  • Sandra Abrouk

  • Susan Tjarksen

  • Tom Teatum

  • Vincent Jouan

  • Yashesh Panchal

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