March 31, 2021

Press Release: Coliving Insights launches its newest publication ‘Co-Tech: Innovating Coliving with Technology’

Coliving Insights has launched its fifth publication: ‘Co-Tech: Innovating Coliving with Technology’! In the 5th edition of Coliving Insights, you will gain greater awareness into how truly intricate the coliving experience is, and how technology can tap into every dimension to optimise absolutely all aspects of coliving, at every step of the way. 

This edition is hosting articles from a multitude of diverse contributors with unique backgrounds and perspectives, including coliving operators like The Collective, Startup Embassy and Urban Campus, PMS platforms like Sowebuild, Spaceflow and res:harmonics, and other technology and coliving leaders including Wifirst, SALTO Systems, Fluxus, COHO, and MyTown. Finally, this edition includes contributions from actors that are playing a key role in the adoption of technology in coliving such as: Digital Estate, Spatial Experience, Conscious Coliving, Art of Co, and Co-Liv Tech Community.

In this edition we want to show you that by implementing technologies like artificial intelligence, chatbots, access control, software platforms, IoT and more, we can enrich the human experience and become a model for other asset classes to follow. It is truly a win-win for all stakeholders; advancing human interaction in an era of social isolationism, while simultaneously reaping the financial returns and operational efficiencies that providing such benefits can sow. As Co-Founder of Coliving Insights, Aitana de Jong rightly puts it in this edition:

“For its focus on building community, coliving has an even bigger responsibility towards society when implementing transformative technology. Due to this focus and the facilitation of human connections, digital solutions need to be consciously implemented to augment and amplify human interactions, activities, group and individual capabilities, otherwise it will diverge from the sector’s main purpose.”

After reading this edition, you will come away with not just greater knowledge about digital transformations in shared living, but inspiration and a will to try things you never thought were possible - all with the help of technology, ready for you to take the leap and excel.

The publication can be downloaded by clicking here.

For any press inquiries or additional information, please contact team@colivinginsights.com.


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