March 14, 2023

Partnership announcement between Coliving Insights & Senior Housing and Healthcare Association (SHHA)

Senior Coliving is gradually becoming a trend to resolve the concerns for not only the current silver generation but also the upcoming ones, who are planning for their ‘after retirement’ stage.

We all know that when individuals get older, various disadvantages limit them from fulfilling their lives to the greatest, including loneliness and changing health conditions. Additionally, finding housing nowadays is a challenge for everyone, not just the elderly. As an organisation advocating for coliving as a solution to the current housing challenges, we are delighted to partner with the Senior Housing and Healthcare Association - an ecosystem of companies and professionals who care and are willing to take the lead in shaping the future of qualitative senior housing, and in particular Senior Coliving.

Industry Partnership between SHHA and Coliving Insights

The Senior Housing and Healthcare Association (SHHA) and Coliving Insights enter an Industry Partnership in 2023. Both organisations have had a strong relationship in the past, driven by the efforts to bring more attention to coliving, and in particular for the senior demographic. The partnership will allow to bring more awareness to this sector and join forces for the common purpose.

SHHA’s main driver is to create alignment in the value chain and build continuous awareness in regards to the senior housing asset class; through thought leadership, SHHA aims to positively impact its development and future outlook. The partnership between both organisations will strengthen the national expertise in selected European countries as well as growing the network across Europe and beyond. Both organisations have a strong alignment in mission, vision, purpose, DNA and values as well as drive in undertaken thought leadership activities.

Furthermore, Coliving Insights will support SHHA in bringing more awareness in regards to what Senior Coliving may offer to the current outlook of the senior housing sector. As mentioned by Ron van Bloois, “Due to the ageing demographics, the senior living and long term care markets are booming and are important for our society in terms of liveability, wellbeing and healthcare spendings. Senior Coliving as part of an integrated city and rural developments are needed to empower inclusivity, increase independence/mobility, mitigate loneliness and psychological vulnerability, upgrade quality of life and downforce healthcare spendings. Based on this analysis, senior coliving could be the biggest residential market with outreaching social impact. A close and successful cooperation between operators with their residents, investors and stakeholders such as local governments is needed, as well as developing new, attractive schemes and community models. Creating alignment and efficiency in the value chain is the only way forward to tackle the biggest, residential and healthcare challenges of the coming decades.”

The partnership between SHHA and Coliving Insights is part of a wider collaboration between SHHA and Coliving Ventures, which are establishing a Strategic Partnership at large.

We are delighted to announce and execute our strategic partnership with Coliving Ventures to speed up the crossover with coliving for seniors.” Ron van Bloois, Co-Founder & Chair at SHHA

Strategic Partnership with Coliving Ventures & beyond

Fostering innovation in the shared living sector will lead to creating better products, services, and ultimately, a better quality of life for its residents and wider stakeholders. SHHA and Coliving Ventures will establish a Strategic Partnership to strengthen their common positioning in both the coliving and shared living sectors.

The collaboration between SHHA and Coliving Ventures will also support the further understanding of the Senior Coliving concept and exchanging thought leadership, know-how and business intel to build further recognition and awareness across the real estate industry.

During MIPIM 2023, a leading industry event focused on bringing together the most influential players from all sectors of the international real estate industry, SHHA celebrates its 3rd year anniversary and launches their Annual Report. Coliving Ventures has contributed to the report with a thought leadership piece on Senior Coliving. Read more about the session organised by SHHA during MIPIM here.

As part of the strategic partnership, Ron van Bloois, Founder & CEO of MI and Co-Founder and Chair of the SHHA, will also continue his role as lead judge of the Senior Coliving category in the Coliving Awards 2023.


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