November 26, 2020

Coliving Insights Announces New Think-Tank Partnership with Wifirst

The coliving industry has been growing rapidly in popularity over the past few years.

In a world that is becoming socially distant for many, the coliving concept creates a sense of belonging that so many are seeking. Operating a place for people to live, work and play, members can become part of a connected and engaged community of like-minded-people, while enjoying the convenience of flexible living.

In many respects a “natural evolution of the student housing model,” coliving spaces offer the “convenience of hotel living” through all-encompassing arrangements such as: monthly rent including wireless internet service, housekeeping services, curated events and more.

Living in a place to live, work and play, members can become part of a like-minded, connected and engaged community, while enjoying the convenience of flexible living. Of course, the greatest value of joining a coliving space is in becoming a part of this community.

The coliving phenomenon, alongside the unstoppable Internet revolution, has transformed the way we interact with others and the way we can earn a living. This attracts specific groups of people, mainly located in urban areas. People who are relocating for a new job, studying for a degree, working remotely, starting a new company, or getting to know a new city. Young professionals, entrepreneurs, interns, students, artists, travellers, remote workers and many more benefit from a flexible and furnished lifestyle ripe with advantages for themselves, their community and the planet.

The way people experience life is evolving. The so-called millennial generation who grew up with technology, social media and the sharing economy is reshaping the way we live. The emergence of the sharing economy has profoundly affected the decision-making process and enhanced expectations, making coliving an ever more desirable route to take.

Digital nomads, one of the key target groups of coliving spaces, are extremely mobile, hence an environment where they are able to network and connect with like-minded people. Thus the importance of implementing modern technologies is crucial because it will further enrich the tenant experience by creating a sense of ease and wellbeing. Smart technology and high-tech appliances will continue to evolve and improve not only in coliving but in urban centres in general, therefore it is key to keep up with innovative solutions.

Introducing: Wifirst

Founded in 2002, Wifirst is the European leader in Managed WiFi as a Service. In 2016 the Internet Service Provider expanded its network internationally, opening offices in the United Kingdom and Spain, and 23 other countries throughout EMEA. The core business structure is around a selected number of customer groups: Hospitality, Student Accommodation, Senior Living, Healthcare, Retail and B2B. Wifirst is committed to continuous innovation and expansion into new verticals such as coliving, ensuring the services provided are ready for the ever-rising demands of internet traffic. Wifirst’s high value-added services assure that their WiFi networks set the benchmark for meeting all customer technical requirements.

To help customers thrive in this new era where IT and business strategy go hand in hand, Wifirst has taken a glimpse into the future of how enterprises are facing a new wave of disruption, not only from a technological and socio-economic standpoint but also from a business DNA standpoint.

Beyond the expectation of an internet experience being “like at home” or even “better than at home”, technology is here to help rethink the way we look at real estate thanks to active and service-based property management, putting community, sharing, pooling and flexibility at the heart of the process. Service logic is the driving force behind this new integrated co-housing solution.

This is where the Wifirst service offering comes into play. Our goal is to ensure that our users receive a world class WiFi service in their shared living accommodation that is both stable and fast. In order to do so, our in-house Research, Development and Innovation teams help the sector players accelerate their digital transformation by building strong network foundations to power services that are answering to the new usage of connectivity innovations.

The future is shaping right before our eyes, in a borderless environment, where people and technology come together to unleash productivity and unprecedented potential for global connectivity. Wifirst’s commitment to continuous innovation for providing uninterrupted network connectivity, alongside the essential capacity to meet the never ending global demand of internet usage, makes WiFi the technical foundation and the essential first stepping stone of every coliving business. Wifirst acts as a technological backbone for thousands of organisations, helping them define and implement the critical new initiatives needed for a safe, seamless transition into the future, with unparalleled networking services.

Likewise, the Wifirst x Coliving Insights partnership brings together the compulsory expertise to provide applicable data-based solutions that will unleash the enormous untapped potential that lies within industry. As an industry-leader with a track record of delivering complex managed network services, which are highly secure, always available, and fully automated to some of Europe's most trusted brands within the shared living sectors (ie: student; senior living; hospitality, hybrid and more), we are able to share our insights within the coliving ecosystem. This is why it is imperative for the industry to continue to harness best market practices from the most prominent market front-runners, shapers and thought leaders, thus sending a clear message to the industry of shared living that eligible partners such as Wifirst are here to meet your needs.

As every company evolves in the digital world, the demand for WiFi doesn’t stop. Companies of all sizes recognise that having highly reliable WiFi solutions are no longer just a required element of their business, it is now becoming the utmost crucial aspect of every business. Thus technology is the single best strategic advantage that a business can have. Coliving Insights and Wifirst have partnered up to help enterprises from the shared living sector, such as coliving operators, developers and investors: to transform, protect, enable and empower themselves. This way companies are able to deliver much more, faster and for far less.

More Collaborations To Come

We are welcoming Wifirst into the Coliving Insights community, and are looking forward to more partnership announcements to come. In the meanwhile, reach out directly to learn more about opportunities for collaboration.

The Coliving Insights Team


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