June 19, 2020

Coliving Insights Announces New Partnership With SALTO Systems

Growing our ecosystem of thought leaders and organisations

Coliving Insights has recently announced its first official partnership with Co-Liv and its upcoming Q2 edition!

While key team members of Coliving Insights are already heavily integrated within the coliving industry, Coliving Insights relies on its own ecosystem of insiders to provide relevant knowledge, insights and perspectives.

This is why Coliving Insights has been vetting and creating partnerships with other key organisations, which will be carried out in different ways: from content to promotional and financial partnerships, the objective for 2020 is to help grow the leadership community that will influence coliving in the years to come.

Introducing: SALTO Systems

One of the main criteria for partnership curation is the level of involvement, specialisation and intention behind each new partner. Today, we are proud to announce a strategic partnership with SALTO Systems as the new Coliving Insights PropTech columnist, which is going to leverage the insider knowledge from SALTO and will be led by Christian Schmitz, a key community builder in the PropTech and coliving industries.

SALTO Systems, a smart access control provider has been deeply involved in the coliving industry with their entire product and software platform, especially with the market leading Cloud based access control platform SALTO KS. First, as a service provider with its remote access lock products that are used by some of the largest coliving players such as The Collective and Quarters. Second, as a catalyser and partner of leading coliving organisations: SALTO has been sponsoring both non-profit organisations Co-Liv and Coliving Hub, enabling a wider community of coliving professionals to exist. Third, as a content creator at the intersection between technology and coliving, among others through SALTO KS’ coliving blog. And lastly, through the personal initiatives from Christian Schmitz, who has been co-creating several coliving events in Amsterdam, stepping in as a PropTech community builder, and taking a fundamental role in the growth of the coliving ecosystem.

More Collaborations To Come

The SALTO Systems partnership contributes in growing our ecosystem of thought leaders, enhancing our content creation possibilities and establishing Coliving Insights as the leading research arm for the coliving sector.

We are therefore welcoming SALTO Systems into the Coliving Insights community, and are looking forward to more announcements to come. In the meanwhile, reach out directly to learn more about opportunities for collaboration.

The Coliving Insights team


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