January 14, 2021

Coliving Insights Announces New Think-Tank Partnership with MyTown

Furthering our dedication to being a leading innovative research lab and media platform devoted to providing current insights into the coliving sector, we are pleased to announce our new strategic Think Tank Partnership with coliving investor-developer-operator MyTown.

Both organisations have combined their efforts, aiming to offer coliving businesses around the world the most comprehensive know-how and successful coliving business practices, using proprietary data and insights from one of the largest Asia-Pacific coliving players. The partnership promises to provide unprecedented exposure to reach audiences within the coliving industry.

Founded in 2012 to address the shortage in affordable housing for young professionals in the Philippines, MyTown was the first to bring a sustainable solution to a market with a large and growing affordable urban housing gap. Its services go beyond just providing accommodation by creating an ecosystem for people to live, work and play through unparalleled amenities, dedicated services and flexible accommodation.

When entering the Filipino market, the coliving niche did not exist and coliving was perceived by local developers as unprofitable. Yet there was a real and growing supply-demand gap in affordable urban housing, and MyTown saw an opportunity. Its innovative operational model has given it strategic market dominance, scalability and a new real estate asset class in the market with a clear success story for other players. 

With its robust, sustainable and versatile portfolio, the MyTown approach is relevant to both local and global markets. Over the last eight years, MyTown has been building a steady group of assets and fine tuning their business model. During that period MyTown has successfully transitioned from being a small asset-heavy company to being one of the largest coliving owners and developers in the industry globally with nearly 4,800 beds.

MyTown has shown yields that allow for scalability and sustainability in a market where it was previously deemed unviable, resulting in sizable institutional investments. Moreover, a focus on investing in amenities, technology, data and talent have enabled MyTown to scale up quickly despite being an asset-heavy coliving player. 

MyTown has ensured itself the exceptional market reputation it has today through its consistent effort to grow, which positions them as a dominant player as well as a first-mover in the Asia-Pacific region, and has acted as a model for subsequent coliving start-ups in the region.

Why has MyTown partnered with Coliving Insights?

We are excited to welcome MyTown into the Coliving Insights partner ecosystem. By being able to share their know-how and success stories, we hope to inspire the industry and bring insights from their early Asia-Pacific market entry.

“Since the day of our creation, Coliving Insights mission has been to help leaders become more successful and deliver the best possible results for their organisation. The core of Coliving Insights is our advisory capacity and our unique competence in finding and curating the right professionals and executives that perceive the markets' needs for one of a kind data, nurturing growth and development of the coliving scene.” - Bart Sasim, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Coliving Ventures

This partnership brings together two growth-driven platforms in the coliving space with willingness and a dedicated effort to make a positive impact in the coliving segment. Through joint efforts of such key industry players, a better, smarter future for our cities and buildings is taking shape.

“We are pleased to join Coliving Insights as Think Tank Partners. Being able to share our knowledge and experience with the coliving industry is part of our ethos, and allows us to reach a global audience. Coliving Insights is a professional platform and an active ambassador of our core business model, and brings together the most important industry stakeholders that we're happy to be part of.”  - Jelmer Ikink, Co-Founder and Group Director of MyTown

MyTown's take on modern shared living has already been highlighted and endorsed by our audience in two of our previous publications. We are looking forward to continually producing high quality insights based on MyTown’s knowledge and data metrics, and to sharing their best practices with our global audience of coliving professionals.

More Collaborations To Come

We are welcoming MyTown into the Coliving Insights community, and are looking forward to more partnership announcements to come. In the meanwhile, reach out directly to learn more about opportunities for collaboration.

The Coliving Insights Team


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