Coliving Ventures:
Shared Living in the Cities of Tomorrow

Shared Living in the Cities of Tomorrow was an industry event hosted in Katowice, Poland during the eleventh edition of the UN Habitat’s World Urban Forum (WUF11). The event explored how we can drive innovation, impact and change in cities of tomorrow with shared living through stimulating conversations, collaboration and insights into the future of sustainable and community-centred urbanisation. This post-event publication is a special edition of Coliving Insights in collaboration with Coliving Ventures that takes us through some of the insights and best practices shared by our industry experts, moderators and panelists.

Driving Innovation, Impact & Change

This industry event was based on three pillars: ‘Innovation’, ‘Impact’ & ‘Change’. Different topics were explored in these formats, glued by one common denominator: impact-driven and financially viable enterprises that are fostering economic, social and environmental sustainable value through shared living and mixed-use developments. This publication will recap these topics and take us through some of the following topics: 

1) How Shared Living Models are Shaping Innovation in Real Estate  
This section explores how shared living typologies differ and how the worlds of these specialist asset classes are merging to shape innovation within real estate. Our panellists share their specific industry knowledge about the innovations and challenges in each of their fields (e.g. senior housing, purpose-built shared living, built to rent, etc.).

2) How Post-pandemic Lifestyles are Driving Change within Real Estate  
Since the pandemic hit, real estate and work experts have been exploring where exactly the future of work and living is heading, many reporting that the future of work will be (or already is) hybrid. This section explores the newest consumer trends, desires and demands that are driving change within real estate.

3) Harnessing the Power of Impact & Sustainability with Shared Living 
The shared living sector has a big potential to contribute positively to the real estate sector and our planet as an environmentally and socially sustainable housing model. This section explores how shared living businesses are thinking deeply about the different stakeholders within their ecosystems, and are doing what they can to deliver a positive social, economic and environmental impact for these individuals, their communities and wider neighbourhoods and cities.

During WUF11, the Coliving Ventures team also hosted a networking event on ‘Community-driven Sustainable Housing’, which is covered briefly in this edition.

Download the publication below to learn more about these events and find some of the latest insights and best practices in the shared living industry!


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