Coliving Insights Edition N°7

The built environment is responsible for an overwhelming amount of carbon emissions and our cities, suburbs and rural villages are packed with vacant properties waiting to fill the gap in the housing crisis and revitalise the centres in which they dwell. So there is no doubt that the way we design, renovate and build our cities – and the homes within them – needs to be completely reconsidered to respond these global health, climate, economic and housing crises. Coliving Insights N°7, Spatial Design & Architecture for Coliving, will therefore explore the world’s most innovative shared living designs and how they are setting the stage for new ways to live, work and play with one another for decades to come.

Spatial Design and Architecture for Coliving

Coliving spaces require purposeful design that considers community, wellbeing and sustainability. Innovative architecture that prioritises meaningful experiences and promotes connection is crucial for the success of shared living schemes. Coliving Insights N°7 will look into how designers and architects are creating coliving spaces that enhance social interaction, personal and collective wellbeing and environmental sustainability. 

From renovated victorians to repurposed country homes and purpose-built coliving developments, this edition will showcase the different scales, aesthetics, typologies and flavours of the most innovative coliving spaces around the world. A healthy and happy home should enable a feeling of ‘sanctuary’, and incorporate aesthetically pleasing design that elicits ‘pride’ and ‘identity’ in one’s surroundings. This edition will also showcase those that are creating interior design and FF&E innovations that incorporate elements of biophilia, uniqueness, personalisation and flexibility to do just that. 
Coliving design and architecture is really about facilitating what happens in ‘in between the walls’  through intentionally designed spaces. By putting the user first, the contributors in this edition will show how they are using design to create a new era of flexible, sustainable and comfortable shared living spaces. 

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