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About Wifirst

Created in 2002, Wifirst is the French leader in managed WiFi for professionally managed real estate assets. Wifirst has structured its activity around two large clientele bases: the Hospitality & Residences market (AccorHotels, Club Med, The Ascott, The Student Hotel...) and the Retail & Business market (Havas KX Village in London, Universal Music Group). Pioneer of the “WIFI as a Service” (WaaS) approach, Wifirst is committed to continuous innovation in order to offer a network capable of absorbing the spectacular increase of internet usage and making WiFi the technical foundation for digital transformation within real estate.

About the partnership with Wifirst

Our partnership with Wifirst helps bring insights to the coliving community on how to apply WaaS solutions and other digital transformations into the core of shared living communities. Through its content pieces in Coliving Insights, Wifirst shares their insights into the digitisation of coliving spaces and unveils the benefits of WaaS for coliving companies. Vince Jouan, Technical Sales Director at Wifirst shares his thoughts on our partnership below:

From day one, the team at Coliving Insights clearly understood the true value of Wifirst. As a pure player in an always evolving technological world, they saw how our know-how would be beneficial to other coliving operators worldwide. It’s been an amazing journey! They provided us some very interesting insights as well, to better understand this niche market, with all of its strength and difficulties.

Wifirst is specialised in all WiFi and connectivity services, and is always eager to help operators experiment with new technologies. We are excited to renew our partnership with Wifirst and we look forward to the insights they will bring to our community moving forward.

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Vincent Jouan

Technical Sales Director
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Vincent Jouan

Technical Sales Director
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