COVID Safety Measures
March 27, 2020

Startuphome's Coronavirus Actions

By Cate Maiolini, London House Mayor at Startuphome London

At Startuphome London we have started to implement hygienic measures since the 1st of March. We have sent out guidelines a couple of days afterward and also placed them on the walls in the house for our member's attention.

Every communal area has been supplied with extra paper disposable towels, antibacterial sprays, antibacterial wipes, and soaps. No shared hand towels in the bathrooms or kitchen towels either. Each member has and uses his/her own.

We still have a cleaner coming regularly and she has been asked to wear all the protective gear (gloves/mask etc).

We have limited the number of guests over at the property and have asked our members to step up with the prevention guidelines suggested by the governments - mainly looking at what Italy was doing as they were hit first.

Most of our members are remote workers or have the possibility of WFO, therefore we suggested to choose this option at an early stage. We have added an extra table in the kitchen to allow for extra working space as an alternative to the large communal living/coworking area.

A good percentage of our rooms have desks in them where our members can work from should they need more privacy for their work.

After the first couple of days of assessment, all our members were very happy to actually not be on their own and to be a part of a community during this dark time. Even when the UK wasn't in lockdown we knew it was going to be an option and our lovely community of 12 is ready to be together and support each other. Our members are here and will remain in the house.


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