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March 26, 2020

Starcity’s Measures for Coliving during COVID-19

The following post has been shared by Mo Sacrani, co-founder of Starcity, and has been originally published on Starcity's blog

There’s no way to sugarcoat it: things are feeling scary right now. The COVID-19 outbreak is unlike anything in recent history. With the increasing number of “shelter-at-home” mandates, we wanted to share how Starcity is ensuring our communities can remain safe and welcoming.

How Starcity Is Responding

Starcity has communities in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, the latter of which is currently under a “shelter-at-home” mandate. We’re taking uniform precautions in both regions to ensure we are best prepared for what comes next. As our members spend an increasing amount of time at home we have taken measures to address their most frequently asked questions:

How should we prepare?

First and foremost it is crucial to regularly check and follow the CDC’s guidelines on how to take action for COVID-19. Practice “social distancing” even if your city is not currently under a “shelter-at-home” mandate. Limit face-to-face interactions and keep group gatherings to under 10 people. Minimize the amount of time you spend outside of the home, especially in places that may be crowded. Above all, try to only go out for essential activities and needs.

Make sure you have anything you’d need in the event of a “shelter-in-place” mandate. While many delivery companies are still operating, we may see disruptions in regular business in the future. For that reason, make sure you store your essentials in your room as a precautionary measure.

Is Starcity setup for everyone to work from home?

Yes, but we have a few tips for success:

WiFi – Our WiFi networks are built to accommodate heavy usage. We don’t expect any outages and have a monitoring system in place. In the event of an outage, let your team know so we can address it quickly.

Work Calls – Please be mindful that taking calls in common areas might be disruptive to others that are trying to work near you.  Where possible, we recommend taking calls and video conferences in your private space.

Are the communities still going to be regularly cleaned?

Due to the increased daily activity of each community, we’re stepping up the frequency of cleanings.  We’ll be focusing on sterilizing high-contact areas like doorknobs, handles, and sinks regularly. As a precautionary measure all members should be hyper diligent in cleaning. It’s crucial to always do your dishes and wipe down items you use when you’re done. Everyone needs to do their part in protecting our housemates, team members, and cleaning crews from potential illness.

Do we have enough supplies?

As you’ve probably seen or experienced firsthand, common cleaning supplies and paper goods have been swooped up in droves. All houses have an increased amount of stocked consumables including toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, and disinfectant. This should accommodate the extra time people will be spending at home and prepare for the likelihood that some folks will get sick.

I heard events are being postponed, is that true?

Half-true! We have suspended our in-home events in order to ensure we are maintaining social distancing. However, that does not mean the end of events. We’re excited to roll out our first round of virtual events so that folks can continue to build community.

Is the Starcity team all remote now, too?

Like other companies, Starcity has set our teams up to work remotely to keep folks healthy. Our Community Teams will be monitoring emails, tickets, and app posts in order to triage any house issues. We will continue our weekly quality checks of the homes, so you may see your Community Director stop by occasionally.

What happens if someone in our community gets sick?

To ensure the safety of the community, we ask that members diagnosed with COVID-19 share this information with us. We will continue to encourage safe practices as well as following the CDC recommendations. Any private health information will only be shared with the express consent of the afflicted member.

What should I do if I’m sick?

or one, get checked out to confirm the diagnosis and follow your doctor’s advice.  Be mindful that your housemates are probably on edge right now. Try to stay resting in your room, clean up after yourself, and wear a respirator mask in common areas. If you’re healthy, please save the masks for those who need them. We will use the information discreetly to better accommodate your needs.

Our team is closely monitoring the situation in order to adjust our protocol along with new guidelines from the CDC. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our community team at community@starcity.com.


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