COVID Safety Measures, Resident Engagement
April 14, 2020

Sharies: 3 Key Measures to Cheer Up Your Members

Since the beginning of the Lockdown in France, Sharies has been closely communicating with its members in order to preserve good health as well as cheer everyone up through regular treats. Geraud Le Merrer, Head of Digital & Marketing, shares 3 key measures:

  1. As a matter of prevention, Sharies kindly reminded its members to follow the French Government simple measures. These are effective and very important for limiting the pandemic. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure !
  2. Sharies strategy has been focused on developing partnerships with local producers around Sharies properties. Lucky enough, Sharies established its first property in Marseille and decided to establish a partnership with Rampal-Latour, an official “savon de Marseille” (Soap of Marseille). Loads of soaps were distributed within Sharies properties across France in order to make sure its residents could wash their hands, with a good and trusted product!
  3. A third action Sharies ran was to increase its service of menus-to-cook delivery, through another french partnership, Quitoque. Every week, our members receive a delicious menu-to-cook, and that’s free for them ! Through the positive feedbacks received, Geraud can confirm this little treat definitely positively impacts the wellbeing of our members.

To know more about Sharies, feel free to check our website and follow us on Instagram.


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