August 17, 2020

Press Release: Coliving Insights Releases Its Upcoming Initiatives

Coliving Insights unleashed today its new website, making the announcement for three upcoming initiatives.

Coliving Insights is an innovative media and research lab focusing on the shared living and coliving scene. To this date, Coliving Insights counts two major publications, with more than 2000+ downloads from leading coliving operators, developers, consultants, architects, and investors.

Today, Coliving Insights is releasing three initiatives that are going to shape the coliving scene:

First, the Coliving Insights research lab. As a research and business intelligence arm, the research lab will focus on in-depth content, global industry analysis services and exclusive research content from key players of the coliving industry: operators, developers, and investors.

Second, the Coliving Awards, the first real-life ceremony rewarding and highlighting the most outstanding innovators under 10 different verticals in the coliving industry. This initiative will be hosted in partnership with major communities and organisations of real estate professionals.

And third, the upcoming Coliving Insights edition on Impact & Sustainability. As part of Coliving Insights’ quarterly publication, this edition will come out in September 2020 and explore modern techniques, frameworks and case studies around the implementation of impact-driven business methods and sustainable operations.

Over the last weeks, in partnership with one of our founding organisations, Spatial Experience, we deployed our new platform which is going to seamlessly facilitate all of the initiatives mentioned.

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