September 30, 2021

Press Release: Coliving Insights launches its newest publication ‘Spatial Design & Architecture for Coliving’

Coliving Insights is delighted to announce the launch of its seventh publication, Spatial Design & Architecture for Coliving. This publication emphasises the importance of designing sustainable coliving spaces in order to alter the ways in which we think about the construction and renovation of our cities. The world’s most innovative shared living designs of different types and aethstetics are presented and explained.

The attention of designers, architects and other industry experts has been shifting towards using techniques and solutions that aid in building spaces that help individuals and communities to thrive and develop. Rethinking the design and architecture of our built environments can give the possibility to construct social spaces that are more connected, more interactive and more creative.

Nevertheless, design and architecture of coliving spaces should not only centre around ‘people’ but also around ‘planet’. This edition of Coliving Insights highlights how innovative architecture can prioritise sustainable design solutions while staying loyal to the essence of coliving spaces – its community. It is about finding new ways of design thinking but also reconsidering the old ones in order to address the global climate and housing crises.

As Lisette van Doorn CEO of ULI Europe and, the contributor for our foreword says,

“In order for this sector to reach its full potential, it is important to create more transparency related to the key fundamentals, drivers and dynamics of the sector, ensuring the supply responds to the long-term demand of residents and wider communities… Equally important is the sharing of best practice for each of the different phases in the cycle, including planning, design, construction, development and operations. In addition to the work Coliving Insights has been doing with their in-depth research and publications, further thinking is required around how to bring planning authorities on board with new and evolving concepts.”

In pursuit of this cross-sectorial goal, this edition brings new insights and perspectives on coliving design and architecture, in order to share solutions that can contribute to the thriving community and planet as well as the consolidation and innovation of the shared living sector.

The publication can be downloaded by clicking here.

For any press inquiries or additional information, please contact team@colivinginsights.com.


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