September 29, 2020

Press Release: Coliving Insights launches its new publication around Impact & Sustainability in Coliving

Coliving Insights launches its new publication around Impact & Sustainability in Coliving

Coliving Insights, the leading coliving media platform, released on September 30th its third edition of the Coliving Insights publication. Entitled “Impact & Sustainability in Coliving”, this 170+ page edition explores what Impact and Sustainability means in a coliving context. 

The edition starts with a foreword by Christina Figueres, former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The cover story identifies the ‘Top 5 Sustainability Innovation in Real Estate’ and best practices for measuring, reporting and delivering impact and sustainability as a coliving operator. Following the cover story, the edition offers insights from 20+ contributors from around the real estate, sustainability and coliving industries, who explore several topics throughout 5 main chapters: 

  1. Social Value in Coliving
  2. Policy & Investments
  3. Wellbeing & Sustainability 
  4. Social & Economic Impact
  5. Technology & Innovation 

This edition highlights some of the following innovations, insights and perspectives: social value measurement frameworks, coliving policy criteria, biophilic design, sustainable behaviour hacks, rural impact-driven coliving models, modular furniture and many more. From growing spirulina farms in communal kitchens to using the UN Sustainable Development Goals to measure your business success, this edition will help coliving professionals on their journey to becoming a more ‘stakeholder-driven’ coliving business. 

“The articles in this edition are from contributors that have inspired us with their visions and their actions and we certainly think they will also help fuel your journey to developing more sustainable and impact-driven coliving models.” states Matt Lesniak, cofounder and Head of Content & Research at Coliving Insights, in a hope for a more sustainable future in the real estate world.

The publication can be downloaded here: https://www.colivinginsights.com/publications/impact-and-sustainability-in-coliving

Coliving Insights has already published two publications and one online edition within its last year of operations. The organisation has also recently announced the upcoming Coliving Awards, a ceremony highlighting key innovators within ten different verticals such as ‘best operator of the year’, ‘most innovative coliving architecture’ and ‘best proptech player’. With more than 2,000 downloads since the creation of its first edition, Coliving Insights will continue to publish its quarterly editions on top of developing more initiatives in favor of the coliving sector.

For any press inquiries or additional information, please contact team@colivinginsights.com.


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