December 20, 2021

Press Release: Coliving Insights launches its eighth publication ‘Branding & Marketing for Authentic Shared Living Communities’

Coliving Insights is proud to announce the launch of its eighth publication, Branding & Marketing for Authentic Shared Living Communities. In this edition, marketing professionals and creatives share their expertise on how to enhance your brand proposition in the competitive shared living market through strong marketing, branding and communication strategies and campaigns. 

Establishing a strong brand is a strategic priority for many companies in a competitive industry. As we have seen, the shared living industry has been booming, even in the light of recent unpredictability and crises. Therefore, it is more crucial than ever before to pay close attention to your customers’ needs and push your brand to be unique, relatable, sustainable and innovative. To stay ahead of the field, one needs to embed community, sustainability and wellbeing throughout their whole brand, business and operational strategies. But what is the best way of creating authentic and engaging shared living brands?

As Explained by our Founding Partner Spatial Experience in their article: 

Whether you are an established coliving player or an ambitious entrepreneur planning to disrupt the industry with an innovative concept, you must not neglect ‘The Power of Brand’ in the development process. From start to finish, from B2B to B2B2C to  B2C levels, all the activities should be aligned to your brand in order to paint a clear picture of what your brand and business projects look and feel like in the mind of its audience. Brand is one of the most powerful assets, most notably within the current context where customer behaviours are strongly shifting towards more meaningful, deep experiences and authentic brands. Brands have more power than ever to bring value to businesses and their wider stakeholders and transform real estate at large.
-Spatial Experience

Thus, it takes more than just talking about the much needed changes in the coliving industry. You can only build a strong and recognisable brand when you interact and engage with your B2C and B2B communities through tailored marketing and branding campaigns and foster long term impact within coliving.

The publication can be downloaded by clicking here.

For any press inquiries or additional information, please contact team@colivinginsights.com.


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