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March 27, 2020

How Kindred Quarters is solving problems during coronavirus

This copy is a transcription of a voice message from Christine McDannell of Kndrd, The Coliving Code and Kindred Quarters. You can also find some great guidelines from Kndrd below.

Impact on Kndrd CLMS platform:

So on the software side, it's really too bad Kndrd wasn’t already fully launched for months or years because we have an analytics dashboard with bookings and occupancy rates and they could have done comparative data (month prior / quarter prior). But we just recently fully launched and are on boarding clients now.

On my own coliving experience at Entrepreneur House:

There are six of us in a six bedroom house. We do two hour masterminds every Monday night and it’s crazy because on March 2nd, three weeks ago, three of the roommates were getting concerned already and the other roommates we still not as concerned so we were split down the middle as a house about whether to prep at that moment. In the end we waited two weeks which wasn’t a big deal but it was interesting how the house was split. Last Monday we had our meeting and we took it very seriously and we were all split up in the living room, sitting in a circle but all six feet away from one another. And one of the guys did not want to be there, he left and went to his girlfriends, and joined in through video chat. We were teasing him and calling him ‘self quarantine’ because he took off early. So we’ve had some laughs and we’re making the best of the situation.

So let’s talk about the fact that there are six business owners in this house, and some of the businesses are already getting impacted. A few of the businesses are startups and some of them are mature businesses. The housemates with reserves are already stepping in and helping those that are bootstrapped with capital, which is really cool. Three of us also sat down together in a really productive meting to see what kind of cuts we may need to make for non-essentials, we asked ourselves: Do we need to cut down on house cleaning? Do we need to stop our chef? Should we talk to the landlord to see if we can delay rent? Just making it is so that we are more comfortable as a group. That is also the advantage of living in a house full of entrepreneurs, we are problem solvers by nature and it’s been super helpful. We are always looking for solutions and solving any problem VERY quickly, which is a huge advantage. I love this crew.

You know it’s funny they say “Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals character.” and it really does. It’s been really cool within our tribe between the six of us how we’ve come together, supporting each other, making jokes and having fun but at the same time preparing together. And there’s no way I’d want to be living alone right now. All of us have been saying how grateful we are that we live in this environment that we’re able to support each other and pull our resources together.

So that’s about it for now. My thoughts are out to operators around the world that have large amounts of residents and guests. I promise you that we’re going to get out of this and come out stronger as a coliving industry! -Christine McDannell

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