COVID Safety Measures
March 25, 2020

Haven Coliving's Coronavirus Measures

The following are the action steps communicated to the community of Haven Coliving. This is the response by Ben Katz, CEO of Haven Coliving

No Guest, Tour Policy

We continue to maintain our temporary no guest and tour policy for the foreseeable future. Our current thinking is that that when the city and state allows restaurants and bars to open again, we would feel comfortable re instituting this policy, but we will continue to monitor how things are progressing.

No Touch Thermometer

James is now in possession of no-touch forehead thermometer. He can quickly and easily test your temperature in case you have a suspicion you are sick. James will also be doing sporadic house health check-ins so we ensure the community is safe.

Coronavirus Test Kit

Haven plans on purchasing 1-2 at home test kits to have available in case symptoms are not severe enough to get tested at a local hospital but the member and Haven thinks its worthwhile to test.

Reporting Sickness

Again, please let Haven know if you or anyone around you is sick. We are happy to pay for transportation to a local hospital to get you treated. Coronavirus tests are free from the government.

Get a Flu Shot

There are a number of ailments going around and this is the peak season to get sick. To reduce false-positives on coronavirus, and general health for the community, we recommend everyone at Haven get a flu shot. You can get a flu shot at Rite Aid on the corner of Lincoln and Brooks with no appointment necessary.

Slack Check-Ins

We have instituted a Monday, Wednesday, Friday Slack check-in to see how are you doing, and give you an ability to share how you are feeling on that day. Please update us there as well if anything changes in your health

Reiterating Previous Policies

To reiterate our previous policy changes:

- Wash your hands every time you return to Haven

- No guest policy

- Suspending all tours

- Increased cleaning

- Stronger disinfectants

- CDC Recommendations


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