June 17, 2020

Announcing: Coliving Insights Edition No.2 - Coming Soon

On June 30th, Coliving Insights is going live with its next edition.

After the success of our first Edition, where we analysed the state and growth of coliving operators, followed by a special Coronavirus Information Center, it's time to make the next edition’s topic official.

With a looming economic and real estate crisis ahead, this raises an important question: Is coliving here to stay?

In our next edition, Coliving Insights Edition No. 2, we will tackle this pressing topic by exploring the future of coliving within a global context.

Involving the Coliving Ecosystem

To answer this question, Coliving Insights has set up different collaborations with key organisations and individual thought leaders to shine light on the current state of the coliving industry.

As we have recently announced, we have partnered up with Co-Liv, the global coliving association, which has been co-creating the main content section with the Coliving Insights team. This will result in a valuable collection of knowledge, sharings and hard data from over 30 coliving events across the globe that have taken place since the time of lockdown.

"Coliving Insights is more than a magazine. It is an innovative research lab, backed by a community of contributors, and we are looking forward to announcing new partnerships in the weeks to come."

Additionally, we are proud to announce the involvement of 15 thought leaders, who have contributed to answering the main question of this edition. By taking opinions from different angles such as student housing, senior housing, real estate innovation, architecture, PropTech, and even rural coliving, the second edition of Coliving Insights Edition is going to give a more holistic overview of the state and future of coliving at the intersection of different industries.

Join the Coliving Knowledge

The goal of Coliving Insights is to create high value research and innovative content that helps define the future of the coliving industry.

Therefore, it is fundamental to dive deep into the complex subjects that need further understanding and refining. This edition will look into some of these topics and offer solutions and insights into why coliving is here to stay.

Download the last edition of Coliving Insights if you haven't yet and follow us on LinkedIn to get updates on the launch of the next edition.

The Coliving Insights Team


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