June 18, 2020

Coliving Insights Announces New Partnership With Co-Liv

Over the next year, both organisations will support the creation and promotion of insightful content.

It’s official: Coliving Insights and Co-Liv are becoming content partners for the year to come.

Following the growth of Coliving Insights and its upcoming Q2 edition (publication date: June 30th), it is crucial for research arms such as ourselves to create a community of coliving thinkers and establish key strategic partnerships with coliving organisations, companies, and thought leaders.

Since its creation, the goal of Coliving Insights has been to provide insightful, data-based, and applicable content that nurtures the growth and development of the coliving scene.

This is why future editions will always be about the most pressing, important, or desired topic - stay tuned for the announcement next week of our future magazine edition.

Today, we are honored to have Co-Liv join Coliving Insights to support the creation of insightful content and help spread it to the coliving ecosystem.

Bringing on a global coliving leader

Co-Liv is the global coliving association, existing since 2016 and counting 250+ members to date. After hosting two Co-Liv Summits in the US and Europe, Co-Liv has always been at the front of content creation.

First, in 2017 with “Perspectives of Coliving”, a compilation of different interviews, research pieces, and overview of the thinkers in the communal living scene. Then, in 2018 with the publication of “Who is Who of Coliving”, showcasing the major actors of the coliving scene, with detailed information and background about each space.

Finally, this year Co-Liv will publish its flagship content piece, the Art of Coliving book, exploring global operational best practices and learnings from 100+ coliving spaces. At its core, it explains how to scale as a coliving operator while maintaining a high degree of culture, community, and life-enhancing experience.

On top of research and Medium posts, Co-Liv has been creating content through its dozens virtual meetups that bring together operators, investors and industry influencers to discuss current coliving states and relevant industry topics. As a coliving community creator, partnering up with Coliving Insights means bringing in more content to Co-Liv members and involve them in its creation.

A long-term partnership

This first partnership for Coliving Insights goes beyond sharing content. As an official content partner, the objective is to co-create content between both organisations.

While both organisations have not worked together actively on a project so far, there has been a lot of affinity, including founders being on board of both projects. The alignment in vision and the opportunity for both organisations to collaborate has led to the creation of this partnership, now officialised.

Among others, Co-Liv will support through its wide network of active members, enabling them opportunities for content creation and industry visibility. In return, Coliving Insights will serve as a platform to promote initiatives, insights, knowledge and publications from Co-Liv members, including from Co-Liv’s very own content team.

Starting this upcoming edition, Co-Liv will have its space in Coliving Insights to provide its own, original content - from current meetup insights and further initiatives pieces planned out, this partnership is an example of how organisations can leverage each other to achieve a common mission: fostering and educating the coliving scene.

More announcements to come

Coliving Insights is delighted to work with this key think-tank and content partner, and will announce more partnerships in the weeks to come.

Whether partnering up with Coliving Insights on the content or promotional side, whether the main objective is thought leadership or industry research, get in touch (form below) to discuss how our organisations can support each other.

In our next post, we will reveal the next magazine’s edition - stay posted!

The Coliving Insights Team.


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