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March 25, 2020

10 Hygiene Rules from My Name is Bernard

By Lucie Moreau, founder of My Name Is Bernard

After discussed with Gui, we are delighted to share Uncle Bernie’s advice: simple measures proposed by our pharmacologist & scientific expert members, setting up in our coliving space in France. We hope your community too will live this confinement as a synonym of conviviality & serenity.


It seems obvious: a healthy person is a person with a strong immune system. Here are 4 elements to get boosted.

1) Good sleep

Sleep without an alarm clock and go to rest as soon as you feel tired. Welcome naps (Forbes). Many of us lack sleep which means a reduced immunity.

2) Play sports 3x30min/week

Sport stimulates (The Guardian) our physical and mental well-being. Yoga postures can strengthen your immune system (read here) and are a good & simple option at home.

3) Eat well

Food is the key (says the NY Times) to stay healthy.

🍯 EAT:

- During your meal, enjoy:

Unlimited : fresh, uncooked vegetables

1/3 : Eggs (uncooked yellow for vitamin b12) or leguminous plants (chickpeas, lentils, beans, etc.)

2/3 : Cereals

- Between meals: fruits and oilseeds (almond, nuts, etc.) 1 hour before meals or 4 hours after


- No refined foods or sugars that weaken immunity

No meat or fish that will acidify the body

No dairy products that will cause digestive inflammation and therefore mobilize defense mechanisms without reason

4) Natural remedy

Everyday it will invigorate & relax you.

The ginger shot. In lukewarm water to preserve the virtues:

- fresh ginger (2cm/pers),

- honey (1 tsp)

- squeezed lemon (1/2)

- turmeric (1 tsp)

Essential oil to clear your respiratory tract, tone, relax: Peppermint, Ravintsara or Scots pine (among others)

Living room - Le Consulat



5) No physical contact

Wherever you are inside or outside, stay at 1m50 from each other. You can still speak, laugh and take care of your roommates by WhatsApp. Netflix recommendation and Instagram memes are our favourite talks.

6) Alcohol cleaning

Clean the kitchen 2x/day with alcohol: worktop, handles (cupboard, fridge, door)Ventilate your bedroom minimum 10min/day.

7) Everyone their own dishes

Use your own dishes / tea towel / sponge. Everyone cleans their belongings and keeps them on their side. At Le Consulat (https://mynameisbernard.com/maison-le-consulat-lille/), everyone keeps their dishes in their room.

8) Washed hand when touching common equipment

Wash hands before & after touching common equipment (cupboards, kitchen equipment, stair railing). Do the same when using your smartphone (disinfect computer & phone).

9) Wash the dish towels

Wash all the dish towels 3 times per week in the washing machine, at least at 60°C. It will clean at the same time your washing machine which stocks water and the dish towels.


10) Outside clothes in quarantine

When you come back from outside, leave the scarves and coats aside for at least 1 day.

We hope these recommendations will help you feel safe in your coliving space. Take care & happy quarantine from the Bernard family!

Lucie Moreau, CEO of My Name Is Bernard

My Name Is Bernard is a coliving operator in France focused on interior design space, community as a family and events.Follow My Name is Bernard on Instagram. For any further questions, please contact Bernard at hello@mynameisbernard.com


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