COLIVING Insights 2.0

Introducing Coliving Insights 2.0

The first award show dedicated to highlighting key innovators, actors and ideas that are shaping the coliving industry.
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Why Coliving?

The coliving sector is a new industry which deserves more attention.

Countless entrepreneurs and professionals are trying to bring innovation to the scene - and it is time to give them credibility for creating a new housing paradigm.

The Coliving Insights evolved to new digital format, to accelerate the coliving industry further, while remaining its core mission of giving spotlight and exposure to the thought leaders and coliving players of tomorrow.

project Timeline


Throught 2023 the Coliving Insights website will transform and gain more digital features. See our first 3 steps on the timeline below.

January - March 2023

Project Development Kickstart

Mid-March 2023

Launch (Beta) for Project Partners

April 2023

Official Launch

WHat's new

Discover the new features that will be enhancing our web platform.

  • New Digital Platform within Coliving Insights

  • News Module (Q1 2023)

  • Human Resources Module (Q1 2023)

  • Announcments & Press Release Module (Q1 2023)

  • Events Module (Q1 2023)

  • Coliving Map (Q2 2023)

  • Coliving Suppliers Marketplace (Q2 2023)

  • Coliving XYZ

  • Coliving XYZ

  • Coliving XYZ

  • Coliving XYZ


Our project sponsors & partners.

Spatial Experience

venture builder

Spatial Experience (SPX) is an experience-driven hub focused on shaping the future of living, by bringing creativity and innovation to emerging real estate sectors with one goal in mind: designing purposeful spaces that enable human-to-human interactions, both online and offline.


Conscious Coliving

Industry PARTNER

Conscious Coliving is the first consultancy for coliving operators, enabling coliving spaces to align their concept according to the foundational pillars of community and sustainability.


Art of Co


Art of Co is an educational and training platform dedicated to bringing state-of-the-art human experiences to coliving spaces. Major activities include online training and hands-on consulting on the fronts of community management, brand alignment, team structuration, crisis management and user experience.



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